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‘Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.’

— Rollo May

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Rollo May was a highly influential psychologist a psychotherapist, and wrote a best seller called “Love and Will”.

I was looking for a quote about community and thought his would be a useful one – because I admire his work so much, and community is foremost in my mind.

I’ve been in the North of England, where chance conversations happen easily between strangers.

Yesterday I sat in the Market Sq. in Masham, North Yorkshire and chatted to a lovely lady called Margaret. Sitting in the shade of a big tree, outside a busy and superb café, with the gentle hubbub of conversation all around was life-affirming.

“This is how life is meant to be”, we said to each other.

And I agree.

The sense of community in Masham, Bedale, Leyburn and Thirsk is very strong. These two days back in the North have reminded me of this and how much I value communities that work together in this way.

The photo was taken quickly on my phone, the café is straight ahead, under that magnificent copper beech. To the right is the old market cross. Parking is by honesty box and the market square is the largest in England. Not brilliant as a photo, but already full of happy memories for me.

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