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‘When one with honeyed words but evil mind persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.’

— Euripides

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I was reflecting this morning on a client conversation of a few months ago.

The presenting issue was one with which we are all familiar at some point in our lives.

When someone lies to manipulate us, whether gaslighting or some other form of coercion and abuse.

That sense of betrayal of trust that we feel, the shock that someone can be so manipulative when we realise what is going on.

When we live with someone like this, such as a narcissist, or pathological liar, we become used to the behaviour and start to see past it – there is usually something we would prefer to focus on – some kindness for instance.

In this way, we accept the lying and start to ignore it.

The liar recognises this and becomes bolder, more brazen, feeling safe in the knowledge that their actions will have no adverse consequences.

Then one day the spell breaks, the scales fall from the eyes of the deceived, and they act – often with the fury of many years of pent-up anger.

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