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โ€˜The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.โ€™

— Isaac Asimov

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I was watching the new Foundation TV series last night.

I loved it and imagine a lot of people won’t.

I remember reading the original trilogy in my early teens.

I read more Isaac Asimov books than any other author, and I believe the Foundation books are the reason I developed a love for mathematics.

I saw one British review of the TV series which said that the use of the American “math” instead of the British “maths” was so irritating they couldn’t watch. I would think they could overcome this dislike for the sake of a professional review.

As I reflected on this connection – one that I hadn’t really drawn so clearly before, I wondered about what other things I did as a youth that influence my future path.

Then I remembered I did half of Psychology ‘A’ Level because the teacher left after a year and no one else could teach it. Probably a good thing. I, a 17-year old hippy, was attracted by the married 30-year-old teacher. Falling in love with your psychology teacher sounds like the plot of a novel.

It did set up a lifelong interest in psychology, which I have self-studied ever since.

Man’s search for meaning and all that.

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