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‘I am a person who lives my life based on intention. I don’t do anything without intention because intention determines the outcome of your life. It’s like cause and effect.’
— Oprah Winfrey
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Intention and Impact – these words came up often in my supervision training a few weeks ago.
Last night I watched an episode of Ben Fogle’s New Lives in the Wild. This one followed Philip who has escaped the rat race and joined the Intentional Community on Erraid.
I was very struck by a resonance here – the tutors for the supervision training are Robin Shohet and Joan Wilmot, a married couple closely associated with The Findhorn Foundation.
The Intentional Community on Erraid is part of the Findhorn Family.
Findhorn has long fascinated me because it is based close to my family’s roots in Scotland, although as a youth I was always put off by the religious focus – I was happy with a spiritual focus and believe we should be free to choose our religion ourselves – or not as feels right.
Acting intentionally, with purpose, and curiosity can be challenging. If we do not set standards for ourselves, and embrace whatever is possible for us, in this moment, then we can experience the rewards of this intentional behaviour.
I think I am happy sometimes to intentionally not have an intention, to daydream and let things flow through me without trying to divert them.
If this sounds strange to you, can you find the curiosity to ask yourself why?

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