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πŸ“… Thought for today:

β€˜[…] we need to cultivate the courage to be uncomfortable and to teach the people around us how to accept discomfort as a part of growth.’

— BrenΓ© Brown

#thoughtfortoday #courage #discomfort #sittingwith

Last week I had a difficult day. Things did not go as planned. I was aware of it and how it impacted me for many days afterwards.

It was difficult to sit with the discomfort, to let the feeling be. To neither soothe it nor feed it.

I know that this is the best way to grow, but it wasn’t easy.

Yesterday was similarly a day with some discomfort – a different source for a different reason.

The echoes of last week were still there, so this felt more uncomfortable.

Sitting with it and just letting it pass, whilst trying to dispassionately observe it and explore it, helped me understand my response a little better.

This is something that therapists have to learn about themselves, yet ask their clients to do often. Being a client of a therapist teaches us what it is like for our own clients.

It has been a week of uncomfortably useful lessons.

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