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πŸ“… Thought for today:

β€˜To be rendered powerless does not destroy your humanity. Your resilience is your humanity. The only people who lose their humanity are those who believe they have the right to render another human being powerless. They are the weak. To yield and not break, that is incredible strength.’

— Hannah Gadsby

#thoughtfortoday #powerless #humanity #resilience #strength #standup

Two thoughts in my mind today.

A rich man chose to spend his money on a vanity project to feed his ego and “advance space tourism”. This is “cupholders on canoes”. Richard Branson has advanced nothing except his own “race” with other billionaires. The world does not need to spend an hour almost in space, only rich boys with no idea how better to spend their money need that. Look me in the eye and tell me that humanity needs this more than it needs to solve other more pressing issues.

A group of young men carried the hopes of a nation to the best of their ability. An unpleasant minority became the focus of attention by thinking it was OK to attack and overpower the stewards at Wembley for their own instant gratification. A small group of people think that their petulant inability to cope with the loss of a football game entitles them to racially abuse the same young men that tried their best. Politicians in suits squeeze a football shirt over the suit and try to blend in with the crowd. The same politicians that have played to the baying crowd of haters.

Where is our humanity?

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