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‘Experience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first and the lesson afterward.’
— Oscar Wilde
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For the best part of 18 months, I have been on a global coaching training course.
We finish in September and in the current module we have been reflecting on our own learning experience.
Reflective practice has been my modus operandi for a long time – certainly thirty years or more. A former mentor encouraged me to journal, keep notes, and generally reflect.
It is an ingrained habit, I rarely miss reflecting every day.
Reflecting on the global coaching program, I have certainly learned a lot, not always in the way intended. My life has grown richer from working with other coaches, learning new techniques and approaches, and reading around the topic. I have made some new friends in the process.
Tomorrow, two of the management teams I have been training (enabling learning) for most of this year come to the end of that particular learning journey.
One will go on from here to a new course with me and one won’t.
I have encouraged reflection at every stage of the journal, and in our final session tomorrow we will be undertaking a group reflection on the learning journey.
Personally, I have learned a huge amount about both the content and the delivery from this experience. I have gained a great deal and will use what I have learned to be better next time.

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