📅 Thought for today:
‘Some of the most important conversations I’ve ever had occurred at my family’s dinner table.’
— Bob Ehrlich
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I have a morning routine that includes a walk and writing. I write twice every morning, first the Morning Pages that Julia Cameron encouraged me to do when I “did” The Artist’s Way last year – three pages of handwritten thoughts every day.
I read a paper and then write Thought for Today which is published on LinkedIn, Facebook and my own blog page. Unless I have a client or training first thing (which I prefer not to do) and have to write it later in the morning.
I write those Morning Pages in notebooks using a pen, dumping all those morning thoughts onto the page and out of my head.
To write, I sit on an old elm kitchen chair, at least 100 years old and very sturdy, on a table that is about 60 years old.
The table is small – maybe 1 metre by 60cms. Today it has a varnished top, not level and even.
This unevenness is because this was the first family table I can remember – it used to have a red Formica top which degraded many years ago. So I removed the Formica and sanded, then varnished, the top. It has chipped a bit in house moves.
The legs are held on with butterfly nuts and can be removed and stored underneath the tabletop.
So a little under 60 years ago I ate my lunch at this table, and it is still giving good service today.

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