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‘When people don’t have any curiosity about themselves, that is always a bad sign.’
— Irvin D Yalom
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Irvin Yalom has been the single biggest source of inspiration for me as a therapist.
His book, “Love’s Executioner” has been read by many people, whether in practice or not, and helped me develop my own narrative style.
I have attended online events where he has talked about his life and his beliefs, and a masterclass with him and his son.
This inspiration has moved me to work on a model I use with my clients to help them move away from judgement toward curiosity. I was also inspired by one of my tutors, Joan Wilmot.
Joan and I will be presenting this model at the International Supervision Week online conference at the end of the month.
I have used this visual model with my clients and they have reported how useful and effective it has been. It is not finished (nor will it ever be). It is a living and evolving thing that helps us, as professionals, help our clients.
I will be writing more about the development of this work in the coming weeks and months.
It is however notable that the two new major projects in my life, Hilmot Matrix and Confluence Circles were both initially inspired by Irv Yalom, who sparked some curiosity in me.

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