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‘A myth is, of course, not a fairy story. It is the presentation of facts belonging to one category in the idioms appropriate to another. To explode a myth is accordingly not to deny the facts but to re-allocate them.’

— Gilbert Ryle

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It is a holiday Monday, a good day for thinking.

A good deal of my day will be spent reading and contemplating Gilbert Ryle’s book The Concept of Mind.

Gilbert Ryle was a British philosopher. He wrote “Concept” in 1949 and is deserving of much more recognition and praise for his work (in my humble opinion).

He gave us the description of The Ghost in the Machine.

In essence, he argued that the standard models of philosophy and science that separate mind and body are incorrect (dogma with logical fallacies). This view of the “mind” as something which inhabits a body is counter to the evidence before us.

Thus the holistic view of what it means to be a human being as an integrated entity, rather than a physical container.

This fascinates me – I have long held the belief that the Western view of medicine with its separation of body and mind is counter-intuitive. Eastern approaches are much more holistic.

Anyway – my thoughts for today will be deep and slow-moving!

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