📅 Thought for today:
‘Shame is the most powerful, master emotion. It’s the fear that we’re not good enough.’
— Brené Brown
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I have quoted Brené Brown on shame before.
Shame came through our work as a group last week and something happened this morning that demonstrated shame in action.
In the park, as I took my walk this morning, there was a mother pushing a small boy on a bucket swing.
Standing watching was an older woman, almost certainly the grandmother of the child.
The mother commented, “your feet are higher than my head”, at which point the child started to feel uncomfortable.
“Please stop Mummy”, said the child.
The grandmother commented from the side, “you don’t want to be a coward do you?”
And shame took hold.
The child, in a conflict between fear and shame, started to cry, the mother stopped the swing, and the grandmother laughed.
I am still sad about this demonstration of shame in the system, several hours later.

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