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‘I knew I’d made it when I was sitting on the bus into Rochdale and there was an old man listening to one of my songs. It was fantastic.’
— Lisa Stansfield
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Any excuse for a Lisa Stansfield quote.
How to change bus.
You become aware that you are on the wrong bus. It is nice and comfy, not too busy, but you realise you are heading in the wrong direction.
Logically, you know, that the sooner you change, the sooner you can be heading in the direction you want.
But the bus is nice, the view is lovely, and you don’t really want to change.
You notice, by looking at the scenery around you, that you really should change.
And the more you notice, the more you want to change until eventually, you ring the bell.
The bus stops and you get off.
You are not quite sure how to catch a bus in the right direction, so you ask someone passing by.
As luck would have it, they are going your way, and they help you get on the right bus.
It all starts with noticing.
You can’t change anything until you notice you need to.

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