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‘A person who is deliberate with their causes can be expectant with their effects… like a gardener who knows the seeds she plants and plans for a harvest accordingly.’

— Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr

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Life and gardening, an intertwining metaphor.

It is Sunday morning, and I will be pottering about in the garden.

These days we have a very small garden, with limited options, so I’ve resorted to growing things in containers.

Last year I bought plug plants, convenient but expensive.

Some things were for this year – so bought last spring, nurtured through 12 months, ready to bloom next month.

This year I am planting lots of seeds, so I can select the strongest and best flowers and vegetables.

This is a nice way to be present, just like baking with fewer calories.

This time last year I also decided to sign up for supervision training.

This week I will be mostly in London on the next leg of that work, looking at group supervision.

I would say this is where I wanted to get to – I plan to do group work as much as possible.

So it will be a “big week” of sowing mind seeds which hopefully will bloom in the coming years.

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