📅 Thought for today:

‘My ideas sometimes get the better of me. Before I clearly explain one, another comes to mind and seizes my attention.’

— Ellen Langer

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I started looking for the origin of the “Illusion of Control” – a phrase that I use a lot with clients, particularly those running companies.

Their compelling “need” for control undermines their ability to manage – people, things, events, a company.

There is only influence except when it comes to ourselves. We have control of ourselves, but we allow ourselves to forget this.

Believing you can control things leads to fake goals – things you think you want that you can’t have or achieve. And therein lies disappointment and self-doubt.

Ellen Langer, a US Psychologist, coined the phrase (I don’t know when though) and is also an active proponent of, and commentator on, Mindfulness. So someone close to my own sphere of influence.

I found this quote by Langer and thought, “Yup, that sounds like me today”.

My ideas are getting the better of me, it is one of those days to let it happen and try and keep some notes!

Do you ever have this?

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