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‘Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it.’

— Tom Lehrer

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My mother was a Tom Lehrer fan.

His personal style of satirical anecdote and song was something I heard growing up.

It was funny then, and I find his quotes funny now.

Except… I am aware that some of them will cause some people to take offence.

As if the offence (taken or given) is unexpected.

Lehrer was also a mathematician (as I was once), and often commented on the intertwining disciplines of music and mathematics.

Why his quote today? I’m not quite sure why but his name came into my mind when I wasn’t paying attention, and so I had a look at a few quotes, picked one that wouldn’t offend many people and realised that this is another way of looking at my work as a coach and therapist. I also used to play the piano (not so well).

Then suddenly it made sense. To me at least.

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