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‘Let us move from the era of confrontation to the era of negotiation.’

— Richard M. Nixon

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Another day, another workshop.

Today is the second session in a series of four working on negotiation skills. These are skills we can all use in life as well as in business. Learning to resolve differences and develop a relationship – sound familiar in this post-Brexit world?

I was taught negotiation in the 80s by an American macho-male with a mean streak.

His approach was basically that negotiation is war and we must win at any cost.

There is no doubt he often got what he wanted, yet I doubt the quality or durability of the relationships that ensued.

When I started researching for these workshops I encountered these attitudes a lot.

You can tell the era of the negotiation book by the attitude to the process.

Thankfully, as with many other things in business, those historic attitudes (dinosaurs) are dying out. They’re not gone yet, we see the likes of Trump sticking to the scorched earth approach to negotiation.

I would like to help a new generation of negotiators to make good deals and good relationships.

Less confrontation, more negotiation.

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