📅 Thought for today:

‘I love my peace and quiet. I love to be with my family.’

— Neeti Mohan

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Try this now if you can.


Take a moment from your busy thinking and doing, just a brief moment, right now.

I know, you have lots to think about and do. Plans to make, so much going on, probably things that have happened to think about, worry about, contemplate.

This won’t take long. I promise.

Start here. Sit comfortably. Take a deep breath in through your nose. Hold it for a count of four and then exhale slowly and softly through your mouth. Really pay attention to that breath. Try another one, in deeply through the nose. Hold it. Out slowly through the mouth. Try closing your eyes and do another one, you’ve got the hang of it now. If your eyes are still open, go back to the start of this paragraph and read from there again.

When you’re ready, open your eyes and get on with your day, but only when you’re ready. If you feel a sense of calm, or a sense of peace, that is yours to bring with you.

Nothing has changed except you. The past is still the past. The future is still full of opportunities. Yet you can take a moment for yourself and breathe deeply. There was no need to control or eliminate your thoughts. They chatter away constantly. Let them. You can be present in the moment and tune them out whenever you want.

Have a lovely day.

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