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‘Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.’

— Frank Herbert

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I have had a number of clients “awaken” this year.

Awaken from a emotional sleep where they had learned to deny or suppress emotions they believed to be “bad”.

By accepting them, feeling them, and using them as a guide, their lives have changed for the better.

Whether their personal lives and relationships, or their business lives and fortunes, the changes have had a profound effect.

Emotions have no sense of good or bad, they are signs that we can learn to read – or cover up and deny.

I find this work the most rewarding.

I change people’s lives for the better, it is what I do and it is what I love.

And for those clients that have done this work, they describe a sense of enlightenment.

If this all sounds too wishy-washy for you, are you even slightly curious?

(Yes, this quote is from #Dune, the book)

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