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‘It’s all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you’re properly trained.’

— Queen Elizabeth II

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I had a weekend full of pottery – and being trained by the lovely Sarah Plackett, founder and owner of Swanspool Ceramics in Northamptonshire.

I had done no work since my beginners class and yet somehow, with help and kindness, Sarah coaxed me to produce pots beyond my expectation.

That compassionate environment where mistakes are expected, and a small group of students of varying ability, was so wonderful.

I tapped into the right side of my brain to create and lose contact with time.

It was just what I need after a long week last week, and a long week ahead of me.

Where I started the week thinking I was losing a weekend, losing the time to “do things”, I ended the weekend grateful for the time to be creative, to be mindful, and to top-up those creative batteries.

Where I thought I was losing something, I gained something.

And some new abilities.

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