📅 Thought for today:
‘Wise to resolve, and patient to perform.’
— Homer
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It has already been a day to be patient.
I freely admit that patience was not my strong suit. It might be a virtue but I didn’t possess it.
The events of the last few days would have certainly made my blood boil and my anger bucket overflow.
Not any more.
I reflected with a friend today on all the things that could, and in fact did, test my patience.
From BT Broadband going down yesterday morning right before a training session to my PC keyboard not working at the same time.
The broadband came back (it usually does) and the keyboard worked again when I rebooted the PC.
Today my tea mug cracked in half when I poured boiling water in it – it is at least 7 years old and had obviously had enough. Needless to say, tea went everywhere (contents in the cup, 400ml, contents outside the cup, 400L).
Then I drove to Bicester – what was once a 20-25 min journey before HS2 is now a 35-40 min journey and just for good measure I got stuck being a lorry doing 35 mph and no opportunity to pass.
Lots of opportunities to lose my rag, yet I didn’t. Stuff happens, how we respond is up to us. I choose to be chilled today.

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