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โ€˜The undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveller returns.โ€™

— William Shakespeare

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Two people I know, not exactly friends, but more than an acquaintance, have died in recent days.

Both unexpected and sudden.

Mortality is a topic I am familiar with in my work.

Whether known or imagined, it hangs over us all, it is inevitable.

Some race to get as much done as possible when reality dawns, whilst others accept their fate in calm peace.

This Hamlet quote is not one I studied at school (we did Henry IV Part 1), and I have always liked it.

The undiscovered country is death, a place we can never return from.

My mother always said, “death comes in threes” when actually it comes in the thousands every minute.

Yet when someone close, or at least near, to us dies it reminds us, and like a jogger being chased by a Zombie, we run a little faster.

RIP dearly departed, I will miss you both.

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