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‘Woodland in full colour is awesome as a forest fire, in magnitude at least, but a single tree is like a dancing tongue of flame to warm the heart.’

— Hal Borland

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It is warm here today, at least for the tail end of October. Here in the Northern hemisphere, Autumn has arrived.

I noticed on my walk this morning that the local trees have mostly turned, the dull grey/yellow/brown of some such as poplars and the fiery reds of the maples and Acers.

Autumn receives a welcome from me, I like Autumn and always have. That day to day sense of the leaves slowly changing colour and then being blown off into drifts. In a good year, these drifts are dry, in a bad year, they are a soggy mess that rots quickly.

This process of constant change, constant renewal could be a sign of an end to something, or it is a sign that new things will come, in time.

For now, I am enjoying the show, the weather is supposed to turn wet, windy and cooler at the weekend – I like walking around the local fields in weather like that although there is so much clay in the ground that you can end up walking in shoes that feel like platform soles!

Photo by Alex Bruda from FreeImages

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