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‘The hustler knew that all that people ever wanted in the world was what they could not have, and what they had already lost.’

— Stuart Stromin

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Another one of those adverts pops into my feed on a social media platform.

You’ll have seen them. The headline shouts, “I MADE £100,000+ IN 2 WEEKS!!!”

You notice it, but do you know what is behind it?

I am indebted to Vin Clancy for first giving me some pointers, and then I did some research.

This is my summary of what you need to do “increase revenue by £100K”.

Hire some full-time people and a bunch of contractors – probably six of each. For six months.

Put together a proposition (how to make an extra 100K is a good one). Then build a social media campaign over 6-12 months – every day, multiple channels.

Designed and curated for up to a year, build a profile, build demand, build a mailing list.

Then unleash to “dogs of war” and BOOM – you could make £100K revenue.

You will have at least £60K of people costs.

And you have to manage 12 people who don’t care about you, your get rich scheme or anything else much except getting paid.

You might, and only might make a net £25-40K.

In a year, whilst managing 12 uncommitted people and hoping they don’t steal “your” idea.

And if for the sake of argument, your “scheme” costs punters £100 each (and that’s high – £5-20 is more typical) then you need 1,000 paying punters. For a first time campaign with the right people, you might convert 1 or 2 leads per 100 – so you need at least 50,000 people to approach. That’s a big mailing list (and quality always trumps quantity). And they need to have signed up, you can’t just spam people and get away with it for long these days in the UK.

Did I mention you will be working 50-60 hour weeks for 6-12 months? Let’s say 9 months, that’s about 2,000 hours.

If you net 30K that is £15 an hour.

Still – it beats working for a living.

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