📅 Thought for today:
‘Life always brings unexpected gifts.’
— May Sarton
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Today I had planned on attending the 6th Annual Symposium of Supervision, originally planned to be held in Paddington, London.
Sadly this event has had to be postponed for a variety of reasons, not directly COVID related.
Yet happily for me, I find myself with an unexpectedly free Saturday and I am wondering how best I can use it.
I start my training as a supervisor next week, and whenever I say this I immediately feel the need to explain what a supervisor is.
The general assumption is that it is a “boss” of some sort.
If you work in the helping professions, you will be very familiar with the supervisor role, yet for everyone else, it is a bit of a mystery.
The easiest way I can explain is that it is someone who helps you take stock, understand and reflect on your work.
There are aspects of mentor, teacher, coach, guide and supporter.
It is a symbiotic relationship with mutual benefit.
I am developing my skills and understanding of reflective practice. It has been a part of my modus operandi for much longer than I have been a coach or therapist, yet has really come into its own recently.
There is a good body of evidence to show that reflective practice makes better leaders and managers, yet relatively few that I know actually practice it.
I think today will be a writing day.

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