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‘Through literacy, you can begin to see the universe. Through music, you can reach anybody. Between the two, there is you, unstoppable.’

— Grace Slick

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I watched the trailer for the new Matrix film yesterday, with a soundtrack of White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane.

Now that is a song that takes me back, released in 1967, so I won’t remember the original release.

At the refectory at my University (then a Polytechnic), there was a jukebox.

In my first term, when the leaves were turning, the nights were getting longer and the weather turned cool and wet, I spent a lot of my mornings in the cafe.

And one man dominated the jukebox, I forget his name, but two songs played a LOT.

House of the Rising Sun and White Rabbit. So much so they feel like they are part of me.

This morning my thoughts are reflective, thinking back to the start of my degree, and what a great time that was.

I was discovering Leicester as a City – and I still have a soft spot for it today.

It seemed natural to look for a Grace Slick quote – after all, it is her voice I can hear… “feed your head”.

Slick said this quote meant, “Read a book – feed your head”.

Here we are, between literacy and art we find ourselves.

Happy Sunday!

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