📅 Thought for today:

‘Having a little fun at my work does not make me any less of an artist and people who appreciate truly beautiful and original creations in pottery are not frightened by innocent tomfoolery!’

— Clarice Cliff

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Hurrah and huzzah, the day has finally dawned!

Today I am redeeming my birthday present bought for me by Lynn.

I am off for a weekend at the wheel… a potter’s wheel.

I fully expect to have a collection of what look like primary school kids’ creations to adorn our shelves, with clay under my nails and a big smile on my face.

All part of the voyage of discovery that is my August step-back, I am really looking forward to this. If Monday’s post has a photo of a handmade pot it will be mine and if I have changed the subject you’ll know things didn’t end up as expected.

Whatever happens, I will learn something new!

I could insert a meaningful metaphor about how we are transformed from soft clay to hard porcelain; or how we are each shaped individually by the things that touch us.

But I am on holiday so I’m not going to!

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