📅 Thought for today:
‘How many things served us yesterday for articles of faith, which today are fables for us?’
— Michel de Montaigne
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I am superstitious, and I am amused by it.
I picked it up from my grandmother, and it has resulted in a few odd “rituals”, and I am not interested in changing them.
I’m not talking about sacrificial animals or anything so occult.
Just little things passed down through generations, which possibly served a good purpose in days gone by.
I do think twice before walking under ladders – it is almost instinctive.
It is superstition I suppose, yet a workman up a ladder is more likely to drop something on your head if you are under him rather than going round so it is also pragmatic.
I never through keys away. Sometimes you have to return them (although I have the ignition keys to an Avis rental car from 1988 which I accidentally packed in a suitcase).
So I have jars of keys – if they come in my possession I keep them. When I no longer use them they go in the jar.
My grandmother did the same.
In days gone by I’m sure it made sense, keys were often made by the village blacksmith and getting a new one would be difficult because each one was unique to the lock it fitted.
Anyway – happy Friday the thirteenth!

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