📅 Thought for today:

‘My path has not been determined. I shall have more experiences and pass many more milestones.’

— Agnetha Fältskog

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Some milestones are truly arbitrary.

Today’s quote is the 500th I have used since I started this Thought for Today posting malarkey.

Not the 500th day because some days I posted more than one quote, and on one anniversary I posted eight!

It is Friday, my mental holiday is going swimmingly, and a quote from the legendary singer from ABBA fits the bill.

One thing I have been working on during the break is the eBook of the collected thoughts, in 3 or 4 volumes so far.

I have promised these before, so a bit late, better than never. They will be free and I’ll post details shortly. Working on these has been like looking through a box of old photographs – slow going!

I am enjoying having a small list of activities to try each day – reading, writing, drawing, learning, thinking, dreaming, and sorting.

No plan, no milestones, I just pick a category as it suits the moment and do something. And I keep a journal so I can look back on the month and see how it meandered from the first day to the last.

I am being mindful, grateful and curious.

May you have a curious weekend.

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