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‘There is no such thing as a pure “extrovert” or a pure “introvert”. Such a man would be in the lunatic asylum.’

— Carl Jung

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I survived!

Yesterday I travelled in to London for the first time in over sixteen months.

The train, in the middle of the day, was surprisingly full and virtually everyone wore a face mask.

I didn’t have to take the tube or a bus, I walked in very pleasant sunshine and mild temperatures.

The lecture theatre at LBS was about half full – no masks in sight.

Afterwards, we met in the quad and had beers – it was so nice to socialise and discuss entrepreneurship over a beer.

No masks. No anxiety.

Homeward bound slightly later than expected, the train was fairly empty. I wore a mask in the station and took it off on the train when it was clear there was no one else in my compartment. Most of the other people on the train did not have a mask.

The talk went well, the quote was prompted by a question from a student, who asked, “does it make a difference if you are an introvert or an extrovert” – she was talking about being an entrepreneur.

I gave my answer, what would your’s be?

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