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‘It matters, it always matters, to name rubbish as rubbish … to do otherwise is to legitimize it.’

— Salman Rushdie

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My Saturday should not be spoiled by rubbish.

And it won’t be spoiled, but it will start with a rant.

Biffa Waste Services, a company that makes handsome profits and pays its Chairman and Directors very well, has been caught cheating again.

The judge in their most recent court case called it “reckless, bordering on deliberate.”

Yet again this company has been caught illegally exporting mixed waste to India and Indonesia as “paper waste”.

Lying and cheating, caught many times and were they contrite?

Of course not.

They claimed they were being unfairly pursued by the Environment Agency and that it was “not in the public interest” to pursue them for prosecution. The judge described this as “arrogant”. Damn right.

If I had a contract with Biffa, I would cancel it.

They have previously had to pay fines under the Proceeds of Crime Act – a criminal organisation then. Or OCG with a wee donkey as Superintendent Hastings might be tempted to mutter.

I note they are headquartered in Buckinghamshire.

I hope Bucks County Council doesn’t have any contracts with this company – time to check.

Time to take out the trash?

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