📅 Thought for today:

‘If I speak of myself in different ways, that is because I look at myself in different ways.’

— Michel de Montaigne

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Self-reflection has been a consistent theme for the past week or so, more so than normal.

I write a journal every day, reflect on client sessions in a process journal, write these words every day and a few times a week put something in a gratitude journal.

It all adds up to about 500 words every day, and it encourages me to learn by reflection.

I have been teaching entrepreneurs the value of reflection this year, and in detail last week, and I know it doesn’t gel for some of them.

I keep going because I believe in it, I think true, deep reflection has power. Being guided helps in the early stages.

Yesterday I had two different types of supervision – a confusing term because it doesn’t convey the true meaning of a supervision relationship. It is a combination of reflection guide, ethical monitor, competency developer and shared learning confidante, and a few other things besides.

Not a boss, or overseer, an unusual combination of skills that helps me stay ethically on track, in true service to my clients and grow – I have supervision relationships for therapy work, coaching, hypnotherapy and group work.

A significant part of the work I do with my supervisors is reflection – seeing myself in different ways as Michel de Montaigne said.

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