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‘Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.’
— Henry Ford or Edward Everett Hale
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One of those quotes with attribution to two people. Ford is more widely recognised and so most often given the attribution.
It doesn’t really matter – using this today for my daily Thought for Today came about unusually.
Normally I start my day with a walk, a read and a moment of meditation. Before the world really gets going, but not so early that it raises eyebrows.
Today I read a lovely message on Facebook by Jane Bellis and decided to use the quote Jane had chosen as well – in tribute I suppose.
Jane’s message was about accepting our differences and coming together anyway, about listening to differences and allowing them to be, without turning them into reasons not to talk, not band up, not to work together.
There is more than enough evidence that diversity including diversity of thought and opinion, makes for a better and more innovative world.
So just for today, I celebrate a friend’s message – and I am grateful I saw it before I wrote my words.
This is how Jane ends her post:

“If you have a kind heart and are willing to try to think and behave in the same way, even when those differences feel uncomfortable, that’s all that matters in my book ❤️”

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