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‘Live music is the cure for what ails ya.’

— Henry Rollins

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Here’s a new-ish phenomenon – gig clash.

BC – before Covid – I tried to go to a live music event at least twice a month and often every week.

Big gigs in big venues for headliners sometimes. As often as possible though, unheard of acts in tiny venues, particularly in Oxford and London.

I even managed to catch a gig in a “sticky carpet” venue in Melbourne when I was there on business a few years ago.

Obviously, you wouldn’t book tickets for two gigs on the same night (at least I wouldn’t).

Yet with the re-arranging and re-scheduling of gigs for which I already have tickets, clashes are emerging.

And some of the re-arranged dates are being re-arranged again.

Bon Iver just re-schedule for the third time – to October 2022 – a full 15 months away.

Keeping track of all these dates means maintaining a calendar just for live events.

I feel like someone is picking up the edge of a tablecloth and everything on it keeps tumbling forward.

Two of the clashes have sorted themselves out – re-arranged, clashed, re-arranged again.

First world problems I know.

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