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‘I want to work with happy, good people, who have a positive outlook. Not those who are grumpy, complaining and throw diva behaviour.’

— Vaani Kapoor

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In addition to providing therapy and coaching services to private clients (mostly entrepreneurs), I also work with companies.

Especially with teams, and especially helping managers and leaders develop their own style and understanding.

The attitude or demeanour of a manager can tell you a lot about how effective they are in motivating the people who report to them.

Not everyone can be positive, that is where my one-on-one practise comes into play.

Outside of my work, I actively engage with positive people. I realise the impact that too much time spent with grumpy sourpusses has on my own mindset.

Why am I thinking about this on a Saturday morning?

Perhaps it is the influence of football, or maybe something I read in the paper this morning, but a favourite saying of my grandmothers is in my head.

“You’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar”.

Although she also said that if I stood with my mouth open I’d catch a fly, so I’m not sure which technique to use.

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