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πŸ“… Thought for today:

β€˜The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.’’

— John Ruskin

#thoughtfortoday #pure #thoughtful #colour #color #illustrating #psychotherapy

I am certainly not claiming to be the purest or most thoughtful mind, but I do love colour.

I have hundreds of different ways of making colour – including this collection of pens on my desk.

Also a wide range of art markers and brush pens (over one hundred) which are in their dedicated spaces.

I studied Art right up to 18, and particularly liked using pen & ink.

I’m not sure what made me ask myself “why?” this morning.

I write journals and client notes in rainbow hues.

I plan and sketch in colour all the time.

I like it and I am simply curious (not worried) about why that is.

I can honestly say that I am OK with not knowing why.

I hope you have a colourful day.

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