Thought for today:

‘A good life depends on the strength of our relationships with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and strangers.’

— David Lammy

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How has lockdown changed your relationships?

You won’t be surprised to know I hear a lot about relationships in my work.

And the answer to the issue at hand is often communication (better, or more, or both).

Communication is the fuel that kindles our relationships.

I also consider my own relationships and realise that as we all change, so our relationships change.

Like little campfires, they can be allowed to die out (and some should).

Or a little effort gets them going again, less effort than you think.

Which relationships do you value enough to make the effort?

And which do you realise are so diminished in significance that the effort feels wasted?

I have made many new friends during lockdown, over Zoom, which I must admit is a surprise.

(PS: The photo is of a group of friends taken on a day out in 1980)

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