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Thought for today:

‘The job of the producer – beyond the technological aspect – is, as I understand it, to create an atmosphere that is completely free of fear and reservation, to find that utterly naïve moment of “innocence” and to hit the button at just the right time to capture it. That’s it. Everything else can be learned and is mere craft.’

— Conny Plank

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Today I am doing research for my next book, and need some music to help me along.

I turned to one of my favourite producers, a real pioneer and innovator – Conny Plank.

You may not know his name, but if you like electronica, EDM, trance, krautrock, kosmische and much more, then Conny Plank has influenced your music.

I developed a taste for Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream very early on, plus NEU!, Harmonia, Michael Rother, Can, Cluster, and many more.

So I decided today to listen to a selection of recordings produced by Conny, who died in 1987.

And just maybe introduce one new person to his influence, there is a good Wikipedia page to start with.

Some of you will know of Conny and his work, and some of you may even have known and worked with him.

Conny lives on in his music of course, but also his personalised and custom mixing desk also lives on.

It is currently situated in North London at Studio 7, the picture here is by Laurence Loveless who owns Studio 7.

You can even hire the studio – and desk. It is said the case is made from the wood of a cherry tree that stood Conny’s garden. Listening to the music and writing this has delayed the start of my research project, and it was absolutely worth it.

I am waiting for my naive moment of innocence, which I think would make a good album title!


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