Thought for today:
‘Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems.’
— Brian Tracy
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In a session with a client recently, they described the way in which one of their managers “dumped” problems in their lap.
This is a common problem – managers who want to be leaders, yet see problems and “pass them up”.
To lead requires a different mindset.
One which finds solutions, typically from a group of people or a team.
Utilising the diversity of thought, experience and skills to fashion solutions requires humility.
And therein lies the problem – it is asking for help from the people who probably report to you.
I recently had a coachee ask me how he could stop his reports coming to him with questions.
Rather than learn and grow, they found it easier to ask him – constantly.
I wonder, how would you coach someone in these circumstances?

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