Thought for today:
‘Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.’
— Mahatma Gandhi
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It is Earth day.
We continue to use our planet’s resources as if they are unlimited.
And dump our waste inconsiderately in our neighbours back garden – which is also our back garden.
I was struck how the folly that was six billionaires forming a cartel to extract more cash from football fans fell apart so quickly when the fans objected.
Yet we seem unable to object to what is happening to our home, our planet.
I am cooking up a project around repair, reuse, recycle – to which I would add respect.
I feel so very strongly aggrieved about the amount of electronic waste we generate.
Obsolete products are thrown in landfill.
Yet they took energy and precious resources to make.
It’s not right.

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