Thought for today:

‘When two (people) in a business always agree, one of them is unnecessary’

— William Wrigley, Jr.

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I’ve started a project collecting stories about bad bosses.

My plan is to build a community of people who have suffered from bad management and bad leadership.

Please get in touch if you have anything to say about this.

Or share with someone you know has a story to tell – confidentiality will be respected where required.

I have already noticed a trend for “leaders” who hire people who agree with them.

The proverbial “yes men”.

And even to sideline people who don’t disagree with them.

I had a new manager who I disagreed with very early in his tenure.

He went quiet, and 20 minutes later put an appointment card for a psychiatrist on my desk.

He said, “there’s something wrong with you if you disagree with your boss.”

What’s your story?

And will you let me use it in my project?

By the way, I modified this quote by replacing “men” with “people” – it is the 21st Century after all.

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