Thought for today:
‘Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it break.’
— William Shakespeare
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RIP HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh.
Whatever your opinion of Prince Philip, let your thoughts come to rest on the Queen and her loss.
I read another quote along the lines of grief being the price of love, and after 73 years of marriage, I cannot understand how Her Majesty is feeling today.
When I was six, the Queen and Prince Philip visited our part of Manchester, in fact, went past our school.
We were duly lined up on the pavement with small flags to wave.
My parents put extra effort into getting me to wash behind my ears and pull my socks up.
And so the royal pair drove past, slowly and we waved like demons.
And screamed a bit – it was the era of Beatlemania – it seemed appropriate!
Prince Philip was on “my” side, the Queen was (for once) “behind” him.
He looked and smiled at me (in my mind) and left a lasting impression.
Not specifically of royalty but of benevolence.
Today I am sad not for Prince Philip but for the Queen.

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