Thought for today:

‘Life is like oignons and potatoes; you ought to peel them and cook to know the taste, and not only how they look in the outside.’

— Ana Claudia Antunes

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This is the last day of my break.

Two weeks of mindlessness has been utter bliss.

Taking each day as it comes, doing odd jobs.

Taking on a graphic designer, a book coach and meditating on what I would like to be “doing” in the coming months.

Today I am planting potatoes, I really miss growing my own veg (and keeping chickens and bees).

This house doesn’t lend itself to much, but I have some grow bags and a fistful of determination.

Planting tubers and waiting for them to sprout and then produce more vegetables is a good test of patience.

And the end result will hopefully be worth it.

But I won’t know until they are cooked!

I’m also using the “land” space to plant onions in between the potatoes – it’s an experiment!

And yes, I know that onions is spelled the French way in the quotation and that spelled is the common American English past tense form of spell but perfectly acceptable form in UK English.

Just getting ahead of the grammar police!

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