Thought for today:

‘Always take the work seriously, but not yourself.’

— Burt Kwouk/Margot Fonteyn/Clint Eastwood

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I read this quote this morning in the obituary for Paul Ritter, the actor.

In fact, it was Paul Ritter quoting Burt Kwouk quoting Margo Fonteyn.

And if you research the quote (you know I do, every day), you’ll find it attributed to Clint Eastwood as well.

And a whole raft of misattributions as well.

No one really owns a quotation as generic as this, it has probably been quoted and re-quoted for at least a century.

So let’s not worry about who said it first and focus on the sentiment.

The work I do changes peoples lives and I take my work seriously.

I am an ordinary human being, with no desire to be a “rock star”.

I don’t need it – and this period of reflection has helped me understand what I want to do for me as well as my clients.

The answer is things that help me help my clients.

Things that feel like small rewards for helping clients (a nice pair of wireless earbuds for listening to podcasts whilst walking for instance).

One day I’d like to buy a house, with a garden, where I can grow my own veg and keep chickens and bees again.

And most of all, I like making people feel happy – whether I’m working or not.

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