Thought for today:

‘Easter is very important to me, it’s a second chance.’

— Reba McEntire

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It is Easter Sunday 2021.

A meaningful day for many, in all manner of ways.

I am wondering whether it represents a chance to do things differently as we grind our way out of lockdown.

Will anything change?

Will we be a better society, a more responsible society, a more accountable society?

The religious significance of Easter may not mean so much to some people, yet a chance at some form of personal redemption resonates.

We cannot do all the things that would make a difference, yet we can do just one thing if we want to.

I am thinking today about how I can make a small change for a better world.

I went for a walk this morning, it was a brisk 4 degrees and bright sunshine.

There were few people about, birdsong was the most prevalent sound.

It is good to remember what a good place we have to start from and be grateful for that.

The chance to take time out to think in unstructured ways has been a good restorative for me.

Happy Easter, even if that just means chocolate!

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