Thought for today:
How green was my Valley, then, and the Valley of them that have gone.’
— Richard Llewellyn
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When I started reading prolifically, sometime around 10 or 11, my mother urged me to read “How Green Was My Valley”.
I never did, though I might yet.
This was obviously a book that affected her deeply and she wanted to share it.
I wanted to do read what I wanted to read, and I do remember reading the opening paragraphs and think it was “old”.
I am prompted to this thought because I watched a BBC4 TV series called “The Story of Welsh Art”.
It was a fabulous journey from the very beginnings up to the modern-day.
Another facet of what it means to be Welsh, with song, poetry and art in your heart (look at the word).
I strongly identify with the Celtic nations.
My mother was of Scottish stock, and I am drawn to Welsh, Irish, Cornish, Breton and Scottish culture.
Richard Llewellyn could have been Dorothy in Wizard of Oz (Beboz in our house).
There is no place like home.

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