Thought for today:
‘A cup of tea would restore my normality.’
— Douglas Adams
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I drink a lot of tea.
When I was travelling, or more recently commuting to London, I drank coffee on the go.
Always tea at home though.
I prefer tea but very few places make a good cup of tea (as defined by me).
Today I am aching, and a cup of tea helps.
This is because I was vaccinated on Wednesday and some residual side effects are lingering.
Nothing drastic, “fuzzy” of thought and thick of head as Samuel Pepys might have said.
Aching muscles and a sore arm.
It won’t stop me from working (I ran management training yesterday), and a cup of tea fixes many things!

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1 comment on “12th March 2021”

  1. Kevin Reply

    “Ah, gone on, you’ll have a cup of tea! You will, you will, you will, you will, you will…”

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