Thought for today:

‘Sometimes you need to sit lonely on the floor in a quiet room in order to hear your own voice and not let it drown in the noise of others.’

— Charlotte Eriksson

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In our Clubhouse room last night about entrepreneurs and mental health, a beautiful conversation about meditation emerged.

Each person has their own perspective on meditation, respecting each other’s views is important here.

For some, guided by an app is their best path.

For others, a self-guided inner voice is their way.

And of course, for some, it is nonsense.

“I tried it once and couldn’t stop my thoughts”, they might say.

This is why a teacher is useful.

I incorporate mindfulness in what I do – whether teacher, coaching or counselling – when it is appropriate to do so.

And when my client(s) requests it.

I meditate every day, shutting out the “noise” of life to reflect and just be.

It nourishes me, do you have a meditative practice?

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1 comment on “10th March 2021”

  1. Kevin Reply

    Thich Nhat Hanh advises to use everything as a meditation opportunity – walking, eating, driving, stuck at red lights… not bad advice..!

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