Thought for today:

‘Psychiatry is a strange field because, unlike any other field of medicine, you never really finish. Your greatest instrument is you, yourself, and the work of self-understanding is endless. I’m still learning.’

— Irvin Yalom

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Last night I watched a streamed interview with Irvin Yalom.

One of his books (“Love’s Executioner”) was a recommended reading for my training.

He recently completed a book with his wife, “A Matter of Death and Life: Love, Loss and What Matters in the End”.

His wife died during the writing and he finished the book, alone, in his grief.

To see one of the world’s greatest living psychotherapists talking about this was very moving.

As he read a part of the book, his tears flowed, and so did mine.

Yet this was an uplifting talk from a man who openly about his grief, his own therapy, and his own practice.

It was an important event for me, and this quote encompasses why.

I’m still learning.



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