Thought for today:

‘The deep roots never doubt spring will come.’

— Marty Rubin

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Or as JRR Tolkein said, “For too long you have sat in the shadows”.

For the people of England, and probably for the other countries of the union, hope is shining its light on us.

Just as spring seems to have arrived (no doubt it will snow at Easter), so a beacon has been lit.

We can see a possible way out of isolation and lockdown.

A roadmap has been presented, and dates mooted.

We will indeed be disappointed if those dates are not met, so I will assume they are pessimistic.

When can we as a family actually stand together in one room and hug/laugh/love?

That seems to be around May 17th.

I can tell you today that some grey clouds have moved to one side, and the sun is shining.

Literally and figuratively.

BTW I will be co-hosting a Clubhouse room on Thursday discussing psychotherapy and entrepreneurship

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