Thought for today:

‘The way you tell your story to yourself matters.’

— Amy Cuddy

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I am surprised that I have not used an Amy Cuddy quote before now.

You may know her for her TED talk on the power pose, the short-cut to self-esteem and “power”.

I am often told about this TED, it has obviously resonated with a lot of people.

Including Sajid Javid.

The “science” behind this has been questioned and her own experiments have failed at replication.

However, let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Amy Cuddy was pointing out the way in which men, in particular, judge the body language of women, in particular.

By their own frame of reference.

By making us be more aware of our body language – and how we tell our own story – Amy Cuddy helped a lot of people.

Sometimes the focus on replicable scientific proof saves our lives.

And other times it overlooks the peripheral benefits of something we cannot prove.

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